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19 June 2010 @ 09:31 am
"Amazoness" IS NOT A WORD. All Amazons are women. Oh, gawd, I can't put how goddamn STUPID and INCORRECT "amazoness" is into words. All I can say is: asddfljsdlfjaslkdfhkalshdfvljzdsz

Seriously, I normally love you for your epic lulz, but I cannot abide this blatant abuse of the basics of English grammar!

P.S. - Stop letting the plot get in the way of mockery and getting-shit-past-the-censors! TOO MANY CARD GAMES, NOT ENOUGH LULZ!

P.P.S. - Because of the occasional lulz during duels, I am starting to learn about Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and I DO NOT WANT THAT. Again, TOO MANY CARD GAMES, NOT ENOUGH LULZ. FIX THAT. NOW.
Feeling: Filled with RAGE
03 July 2007 @ 04:25 am
Yeah, my job is over, but I have an important tidbit of info:

Brannen is a FUCKING NINJA.

Really! No one ever knows where he is. You go to his office to ask a question, get the answer, leave, realize that you forgot something, and then, in that five to ten second interval Brannen has fucking teleported or something away.

Why is it that the old man is the one who gets to be a ninja? I want ninja powers!

...But does that mean I have to become like Brannen first?

Well, then nevermind.
Feeling: Suspicious
03 July 2007 @ 04:19 am
Been ages, hasn't it? A lot has happened, and nothing has happened. A lot of nothing, too. To make things short and quick, here's the order:

Grandpa Farlow died in December-ish
I left Barnard on Medical Leave (remember?)
Grandma Farlow was sick on and off and on and off
I miss Evy
Allison K. and I became close friends
I miss Evy
Lots of Exalted
Still miss Evy
Lots of nothing (and missing Evy because she is the bestest)
Needed to stop being a recluse. Instead, was stupid and did nothing.
Miss Evy
More Exalted
Pancake got Powers to show pity
Missing Evy
Chilling with A.K.
End of School Year
Miss Evy
Didn't get to see Geoffrey while he was in town.
Bitch that Geoff didn't tell me he was home.
Didn't get to see Mika while she was in town
Miss Mika and Geoff and Evy
Getz and I broke up
Westminster Summer Theatre Intensive
Bumming around/Chilling with A.K. and Laura that counts as work
A little Exalted
Miss Evy
Still don't contact Evy (or Lor, whom I also miss) because I am retarded
Mom got jury duty
Almost have another huge episode on the Thursday before the last show
Saved by A.K. and trainee Tyler (but mostly A.K.)
Exalted on June 30, 2007
Grandma Farlow dies on June 30, 2007
The next day, told by mom that Grandma Farlow died
Screwed up my upper left arm some somehow, but only for the day
While talking to Jaffe, decided to go to Grandma's funeral
Miss everyone
Ought to be social

Guesses for the future: Continued reclusiveness, Exalted, and Grandma's funeral

...And that's about it. Well, okay, most of the above took place in the past few months. I'm sure that there are things that I've forgotten or remembered taking in the wrong period of time and therefore didn't write down, but I think I've got most of it. Maybe? I dunno...

Points for figuring out the references in the new layout. Win a free drabble.
If you want more than a phrase or pseudo-sentence about something, drop a line (Which probably should replace "Leave a Feather," but, for now, I'm keeping the feathers. They're a reference, they fit with a kinda-sorta-maybe theme, and it's easier to say "# Feather(s) Left" than "# Line(s) dropped" (And I think it sounds better. But that might change, ya know?).
Feeling: indescribableindescribable
24 December 2006 @ 04:20 pm
Eby, this is ALL YOUR FAULT.

I saw "x-mas" and you know what I thought I saw? "X-Men".


Where did this come from, some of you (meaning Geoff), might ask? I may very well be joing DoubleHelix, an online X-Men RP ("X-Men done right," according to Eves.), as Wanda Maximova (aka Scarlet Witch). No certainty because of the disappearance of the previous mun and, who knows, I might get rejected. I feel like I have some type of advantage on anyone else applying.

Oh, wait I do. I have EBY-LIN.

And again, ALL YOUR FAULT.

Thank you!

(And yes, Eby, you have your very own tag now. Because you are not a carbon-based life-form. You are AWESOME-BASED.)
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Feeling: amusedamused
09 December 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Yeah, I'm no longer at college. As it turns out, I was not able to handle a stressful environment on the medication I was on, so I'm taking medical leave until we get the whole mess sorted out. I get the weirdest side effects, so my medication can't be adjusted at school; it would fuck up too much stuff. (Example: "Try taking two Geodon at night."; I slept through my alarm and thus my morning class. "Try taking two Geodon at night; you have an afternoon class, and you should build up a resistance to the drowsiness."; I miss my 1 PM class because I am barely able to stand. Turns out that Geodon makes me weak and the extremely restless, as in randomly flailing my arms and legs around, trying to get rid of that wretched feeling that I just cannot seem to describe.)

Meanwhile, my parents are flying up recently because I'm feeling suicidal at random. Dr. Notarfrancesca didn't want to put me on an antidepressant until we had found a good anti psychotic. She had me try one that was related to Trileptal, to which I responded, "OH GOD, PLEASE NO." She said that it had not produced the side effects that I had with Trileptal in any of its trials. I calmed down. I tried the medication. I got the same side effects: previews of Menopause.

Now, I'm back in Atlanta, after packing up and shipping all the stuff from my dorm with my parents, and a day or two ago Dr. Jaffe took me off the Geodon (We just realized what the hell it did to me.)decided to start me on an antidepressant, something I had almost been begging Dr. Notarfrancesca to do in New York after my dad told me that it was possible.

So, I'll be in town for a while (read: Until at least September), but I'll be drugged up and/or not entirely stable. Probably isolating myself too. I'm really good at that, even if I don't like it.

...I think I'm getting more and more emo by the day.
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Feeling: tiredtired
11 August 2006 @ 06:13 pm
Okay, so, I have to take a drug/alcohol awareness...thingy for school. Fine, I understand that. Sign up online and take a three-hour test? Well, you're letting me break it up over time, so okay. Hope I pass. You need my Student ID number?

Um.... I can't find that.

I have to take this program OR ELSE?


On the bright side, I got my roommate and room assignment today. Ksenia Gutsol. I will almost certainly butcher her name; if I don't, a miracle will have occurred or hell will freeze over. Something like that. I'll have to apologize in advance for that one.

So: roommate, yay! totally fucked unless I find a letter that's apt to be lost forever in my house, REALLY FUCKING BAD.
Feeling: uncomfortableuncomfortable
07 August 2006 @ 08:24 pm
Ahh, to return from the North Carolina and be all cozy at home, only to leave again a few days later. Why? To find a good psychiatrist/therapist. Coming back on Wednesday. Hooray for hotels with WiFi!

Anyway, for teh beach. I was lonely with the Eby, whom everyone missed, but survival! Lydia dragged me out onto the beach twice for exercise (doctor's orders, no, I'm serious). Two 2D puzzles, one 3D puzzle of a pirate ship that was supposed to glow in the dark, but I worked on it a lot at night and never once saw it glow in the badass way the box displayed. A puzzle that has a blueprint and a support system (which I didn't use because once I realized it existed the damn thing was almost all together) is a bad puzzle. Or a stupid one. Anyway, I don't like 'em.

Mom was taking care of Grandma the whole time, but I got to meet my Great Aunt Nelly, who is much more...cognizant (wow, that's spelled differently than I thought it was). She tried to teach me how to knit but I really, really sucked at it.

Collected some shells. Played at least half of Tales of Phantasia and some Nintendogs.

So, yeah.

Anti-Bonus: Sleep cycle still fucked up.

P.S. - Flying sucks, but not nearly as much as driving. Driving sucks HARDCORE.

P.P.S. - Default icon has been updated. It doesn't look as much like shit anymore. Yay!

P.P.P.S. - I <3 green tea.
Place: New York
Feeling: awakeawake
Hearing: Daily Show Re-Run
06 August 2006 @ 04:10 am


With your angsty sins combined I am Captain EMO!

Captain Emo, that wangsty boy,
Gonna ignore any happiness or joy
All our sadness he's withdrawn,
And he's moping on and on and on

Captain Emo, that wangsty boy,
Gonna ignore any happiness or joy
Gonna help him be real hostile
To the folks who like to play and smile

"Shut the fuck up, Captain Emo!"

We're the emoteers,
You can be one too!
'Cause wangsting around is the thing to do,
Playing and sashaying is not the way,
Hear what Captain Emo has to say:



Captain Emo has made his most recent appearance in the latest chapter of Somewhere In Between through Squall, but perhaps also through Rinoa. I cannot handle this much wangst and shmoopy-ness right now. I'll wade through it later.
Feeling: crankycranky
Hearing: Captain Planet Theme Song
So, Theatre Camp ended a week or two ago. Huzzah! Huzzah! You know, half-way through that GODDAMN Advanced show, one or two numbers before "Cell Block Tango" which was this HUGE light and dance number that everyone worked SO GODDAMN MUCH ON, the power flickered. I heard the Amps turning themselves back on, and we had NO LIGHT on the goddamn stage. Allison and I FREAKED. We turned the lights off and then on, but no power! I checked the dimmers, but they were all fine! Then, Andy turned off and then on the surge protector, and everything was fine. I hugged almost everyone in the damn room.

Then the power went out.

For the rest of the show.

If it weren't for the Maglite (sp?), that oh-so-powerful flashlight, seeing the actors would have been far too difficult. Of course, everyone was all, "the show must go on!". Allison and I were all, "Nononono! The show must wait until Saturday! You won't be able to see the Big Lighting Number properly! This is the only Advanced show! RAGE!" Brannen was all, "The Ancient Greeks did it without tech."

I responded that Ancient Greeks didn't do it at NIGHT in a CLOSED AREA.

Bastards and Bitches.

Anyway, we did the show with a Maglite and other flashlights backstage that the actors just set out. Andy rigged a flashlight to shine down upon Ms. Luders (sp?), the head music teacher and the woman who played the piano. Meanwhile, Allison and I went outside and swore. Loudly. Well, until there was some thunder and then we decided to go back inside because we had been swearing at all things holy.

After Andy and I were finished cleaning up (we were the last ones to leave the theatre), the power came back on. Peachy.

The Little Kids' Shows went well though.

Regardless, RAGE. I think I'm going to be bitter about this for a while.
Feeling: crankycranky
15 July 2006 @ 03:19 am
West Side Story is, I have decided, actually better than Romeo and Juliet plot-wise. Why? Because these kids were kind of smart. Granted, the whole "Ooh, we can stop a gang war easy-peasy!" was pretty dumb, but nowhere near as fucking stupid as "I know! I'll pretend to be dead! But, instead of waiting to make sure Romeo got the memo, we'll just go ahead and go through with it! Yay, fake-death!"

West Side Story was all, "Let's meet at the Soda Shop to sort shit out, then we head to the Bus Stop, ok?" Then, "Oh, shit, I'm being interrogated by the police! Anita, can you go do that first bit for me?" But Anita got molested and was all, "FUCK this shit." Circumstance instead of MORONIC plans and, "Woe, my TWU LUV is dead, so I shall KEEL myself! *wangst*"

Tony is a little better than Romeo. Maria, however, totally PWNS Juliet. I mean, wow. That finally scene? Kickass, man.

Feeling: amusedamused